Music That Made Me Feel This Week

It’s been quite a week…the world feels like it’s coming to an end, from shootings to hurricanes, I’m starting to become disillusioned by humanity.  I mean, more than I already was, which I THOUGHT was a lot, but I guess it can get worse.  But music helps bring me back from the brink.  Connecting through music is one of the things that makes us human, let’s never let fear keep us from touching each other this way.  Here are a few songs that soothed my heart this week, I hope they bring you some joy and make you feel something.

Starting off, we have a single from Cautious Clay entitled “Cold War.”  Topical, indeed.  This song hit me hard, from it’s slow, sexy beginning, to the chorus which is lush with beautiful harmonies. To put it delicately, this song is sex.  And I want more.  I tried to find out who this guy is because I want to eat his voice with a spoon, which led me to his website where you can email him directly!!! I don’t know why I find that so crazy, maybe because he’s famous to me.  ANYwho, listen to this song, buy it, download it, repeat.

Next up is a new single from BORNS, which, oddly enough, is also a very sexy song.  It’s called “Sweet Dreams” and it’s unbelievably catchy.  BORNS has the ability to take the same chord progressions and make them sound fresh.  I particularly like the bass in this song, it sounds like an electric tuba and I’m diggin’ it.  Plus, his voice has the best falsetto, most men who sing in falsetto sound like it’s painful to them, but not BORNS.  I should probably find out this guys’ real name.

Last up this week is a track from Coastal featuring Jackie Mendoza called “La Luz.”  This is my favorite song of the week, maybe the month, maybe even the year. This tune starts off with tribal drums before morphing into what I would call techno delight, which is a term I just made up right now.  Meaning, the beats aren’t too intense, but they’re heavy enough to get your attention and make you bob your head.  At least that’s what this song did to me.  I love Mendoza’s voice, it’s light and fluid and you can tell she has real talent.  This song has been on repeat in my house all week and I’m not complaining.

A few quick hits:

Dark on Us” by Lucas Oswald

Still No Plans” by The band called Oh

Beautiful Light” By Uppermost

That’s all for this week.  I hope you’re all trying to stay positive and fight for what you believe in.  Peace.


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