Music That Made Me Feel This Week

It’s been quite a week…the world feels like it’s coming to an end, from shootings to hurricanes, I’m starting to become disillusioned by humanity.  I mean, more than I already was, which I THOUGHT was a lot, but I guess it can get worse.  But music helps bring me back from the brink.  Connecting through music is one of the things that makes us human, let’s never let fear keep us from touching each other this way.  Here are a few songs that soothed my heart this week, I hope they bring you some joy and make you feel something.

Starting off, we have a single from Cautious Clay entitled “Cold War.”  Topical, indeed.  This song hit me hard, from it’s slow, sexy beginning, to the chorus which is lush with beautiful harmonies. To put it delicately, this song is sex.  And I want more.  I tried to find out who this guy is because I want to eat his voice with a spoon, which led me to his website where you can email him directly!!! I don’t know why I find that so crazy, maybe because he’s famous to me.  ANYwho, listen to this song, buy it, download it, repeat.

Next up is a new single from BORNS, which, oddly enough, is also a very sexy song.  It’s called “Sweet Dreams” and it’s unbelievably catchy.  BORNS has the ability to take the same chord progressions and make them sound fresh.  I particularly like the bass in this song, it songs like an electric tuba and I’m diggin’ it.  Plus, his voice has the best falsetto, most men who sing in falsetto sound like it’s painful to them, but not BORNS.  I should probably find out this guys’ real name.

Last up this week is a track from Coastal featuring Jackie Mendoza called “La Luz.”  This is my favorite song of the week, maybe the month, maybe even the year. This tune starts off with tribal drums before morphing into what I would call techno delight, which is a term I just made up right now.  Meaning, the beats aren’t too intense, but they’re heavy enough to get your attention and make you bob your head.  At least that’s what this song did to me.  I love Mendoza’s voice, it’s light and fluid and you can tell she has real talent.  This songs has been on repeat in my house all week and I’m not complaining.

A few quick hits:

Dark on Us” by Lucas Oswald

Still No Plans” by The band called Oh

Beautiful Light” By Uppermost

That’s all for this week.  I hope you’re all trying to stay positive and fight for what you believe in.  Peace.


A Week of Musical Discoveries

It feels like so much great music was released in the past seven days.  Between Taylor Swift’s newest single (no, not “Look What You Made Me Do”, that song is trash) to a release from one of my all time favorite indie bands, there was a lot to listen to last week! Some tunes were awesome, some were hard to finish…but let’s delve in!

Let’s start with a something upbeat and positive; Pop Etc. (previously known as The Morning Benders) showed up on my radar in 2008 with a lighthearted EP called “Talking Through Tin Cans.”  All the songs were raw and heartfelt, revisiting them this week was a treat.  Since the name change, they’ve gone a little more pop, (hence the new name?) and I wasn’t really on board with it.  Maybe because I felt the music they’d released up until that point had been so unique that it saddened me a bit to see them try to be more commercial.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being commercial…it just broke my heart a little.  So I was excited when I saw they were coming out with new music this year, hoping maybe they went back to their roots.  The single they released this week is “Outside Looking In.”  I want to like it, I REALLY do, but it’s kinda…boring.  Ugh I hate myself for even saying that, I love Chris Chu’s voice so much, but there’s nothing special about this song.  Do yourself a favor and listen to their song “Excuses,” which has been on repeat in my house for the past 3 days.

Next up is a straight ahead pop song from a former Disney Channel star gone sexual.  No, not Miley.  I’m talkin Demi.  Demi Lovato is a powerhouse vocalist and deserves every singing award out there.  Her new single is called “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore.”  You guyyyyyyyyysssss why is she so good??  Her voice blows me away, I’m obsessed and green with envy.  Her runs are spot on and she can seamlessly transition from her head voice to her chested voice, which is a feat a lot popular females artists can’t do.  And those high notes, don’t even get me started.  If you like slow pop ballads sung by singers with true talent, check out song.

I stumbled upon this next band while casually listening to Spotify while getting ready for work.  The groove immediately caught my attention and the dual male/female vocalists is always something I appreciate.  The song in question was called “Party Down” by Freedom Fry, a band I had never heard of before.  But thank jeepers for Spotify or I might never have heard this gem of a band.  The tune has an indie pop vibe with some funk thrown into the mix, and I can definitely get into this.  They call themselves an alt-folk duo and I’m cool with that.  Their 4-song Ep, “Strange Attraction,” was released this week, check em out!

Also, some country singer released a song this week, I don’t know if you’ve heard of her, she’s relatively unknown.  Taylor Swift is her name and the song is “...ready for it?” and I hate myself for loving it, but then I think I shouldn’t hate myself it’s a catchy pop tune meant to get stuck in your head for a week, by this time next week you’llhavemovedonfromthislowpointinmylifeandalsoshouldntibeallowedtolistentowhateveriwantandnotfeelbadaboutitwhendidibecomeamusicelitistthatalsomakesmehatemyseldokbye.

That’s all for now, more next week (maybe, hopefully)!

An ode to Autopassion

If you haven’t heard of Autopassion, that wouldn’t be surprising as they aren’t even a band anymore.  If you have heard of them, let’s be best friends.

Autopassion consists of three friends from Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Tim Poovey, Andrew Siebert, and Jon Erickson.  There could very well be more people in the band, I just can’t find them; Autopassion is obscure, I can’t even find an album review.  But from what I’ve gathered, they were hometown heroes back in 2004, but broke up after moving to New York.

Nevertheless, I discovered this band during a transitional period in my life.  I was 18, a freshman in college, and totally flailing.  Autopassion hit me like a ton of bricks, loud and fast, with moments of beauty I hadn’t heard anywhere else. To say their music saved me is a bit extreme, but…it kinda did. The first song I heard was “I Like Your Purse,” whose opening line is “don’t go with my heart in your pocket/ I know I’ll need it soon.” This line spoke to my dark 18-year-old soul harder than I’d like to admit (it was my AIM away message for many moons).  These were the days when MySpace Music was one of the only ways to find new artists and where I found Autopassion’s first release, “A Tedious Dialogue.” And, I kid you not, up until writing this blog post, I couldn’t find the album version of “I Like Your Purse” anywhere, let alone the whole EP, only crappy live records on cell phones from 2005.  But here it is, folks, and I’m losing my shit.  After almost ten years, I’m sitting here listening to an EP that was on repeat in my 10×10 foot dorm room nonstop. Another jem off the EP is “Talking to You.”  The ascending vocal line on the chorus is straight up giving me chills.  The tremolo in the guitar part at the beginning of “Tim is Dead,” a song I assume is about a friendly prank that goes awry, fits perfectly with the songs eerie mood. The whole thing is amazing, please, please check it out.

Autopassion has released two other album since “A Tedious Dialogue.”  The first, “Sit Back and Make a Difference,” was released on iTunes on 2008 (can you guess which of the ten comments is mine??).  The strongest offerings from this album (in my opinion) are “Double Pleasure,” which is a little funkier than their other songs, and “What You Say,” a song I still find myself humming from time to time.  “Sit Back and Make a Difference” is the bands only album that was released on any mainstream platforms (it’s also on Spotify).


Their last album was released in 2013 and it’s sound is simultaneously familiar and brand new.  The self-titled album is longer than “Sit Back,” and has interludes scattered throughout.  I think “Drunk (alone swimming)” is a triumph, but maybe that’s because I’m a sucker for a good drum fill.  But “Where’s my Place” is my favorite, the vocals are powerful and raw, I love when Siebert’s voice breaks.  The whole album is definitely darker, possibly foreshadowing the end of times.

There will always be an Autopassion shaped hole in my heart; the fact that they aren’t together anymore is a travesty.  Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic.  But this band has been a constant source of comfort in my life for the past 11 years, hopefully this music will continue to comfort me for next 11.

Check out Andrew Siebert’s band, Housghosts, and Tim Poovey’s band, Nightdogs, which has a few albums on iTunes.  Man, these guys love taking two random words and creating band names out of them.


Well, hello there.

Welcome!  I’m so glad you stumbled about this blog (unless you’re my mom and you check in everyday, in which case, hi mom!).  Do you love music?  Are you constantly searching for new and unknown artists to show off to your friends?  Are you interested in a band’s new album, but want to known if it’s halfway decent before committing to an hour+ long listening session?  If you said yes to any of these questions, then this is the blog for you!  Each week, we’ll dive into the depths of the internet to bring you new (maybe) and exciting (hopefully) music.  Let’s listen together!