Ladies Night

This post has taken me forever to finish and I apologize, mostly to my husband, but also to the 4 people who randomly find this blog.  I’ve been sick and lazy, but let’s move on from my failures and get into some music!

This week, we’ll be listening to three unique female musicians that I’ve been listening to nonstop.   I’ve found that I unintentionally tend to post a lot about male musicians, and I’m not sure why. Although I am very picky when it comes to female singers; maybe it’s because most popular female singers on the radio suck, maybe it’s because they remind me of my own failures, WHO KNOWS.  But I’m super excited that I found these women to celebrate.  Let’s dive in!

I might be a little biased about this first singer because she’s been my best friend for almost 20 years, but her shit is too good not to talk about.  ATLEE just released her first single, “Mamma Says” and it’s very good.  She has a unique sound and a wide range which is showcased in this track.  “Mamma Says” is the kind of song that you’ll be singing for days after listening to it; it’s hella catchy, with a heavy bass line that will have you bobbing your head to the beat.  You can find her on all the popular music platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) and she’ll be releasing more music in the coming months.  ATLEE is definitely an artist you’ll want to watch, she’s about to blow up.

Future album art COVER2


This next artist has hit me pretty hard; Serena Wagner AKA Sniffle Party has released five dreamy, lo-fi, and all around beautiful songs. To me, her music is perfect, it’s exacting the kind of music I want to listen to.  I know I’m gushing, but this is really good stuff.  All of her songs have been on repeat for the last two weeks.  “Peach Dream” is the tune that hooked me, but “Wanderer” is also amazing.  Her latest track, “Waving” is heavier, but just as ethereal.  I love the harmonies she creates, they always surprise and delight me.  Just, please check her out, okay?

Lastly, we have ELIZA (another one-named wonder).  I first hear her on a COLORS video she did on Youtube for her song “Wasn’t Looking” and I was blown away by her vocals.  So much control, especially for a live performance.  Her voice is seductive and smooth, with the perfect amount of vibrato.  Plus, the bass in this song…I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, a good, funky bass line gets me every time!  ELIZA has been releasing music for about 8 years, but “Wasn’t Looking” is definitely a departure from her older stuff; it’s got more funk and soul.  I’m excited to see what she has in store for us next.

That’s it for this week, check back in next Tuesday for more music!






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