New Year, new music

Happy 2018, folks!  This year marks a major milestone for me as my 30th birthday rapidly approaches.  Luckily, there’s plenty of new music to get lost in, so let’s get started!

I’ve come to expect nothing less than perfection from newcomer Cautious Clay, and once again he delivers with a new single, “Juliet + Caesar.”  It’s slower than his first two singles, but every bit as catchy.  I love the addition of a brass section, it adds to the sensual vibe of the track.  Also, everyone should subscribe to his Youtube channel!  I can’t believe he only has like, 200 subscribers.

I sometimes feel like using Spotify to find new artists is cheating because they make it so dang easy.  I miss the days of Myspace Music where you’d have to search high and low and finding a band or artist that you liked was so satisfying.  But I guess I shouldn’t complain, because without Spotify I probably wouldn’t have found this artist.  Still Woozy, AKA Sven Gamsky, has released a few singles, each one better than the next.  His soulful style, mixed with some beautiful harmonies, has me addicted. At first I thought “Cooks” was my favorite song, but then I heard “Vacation,” and now I think that’s my favorite.  “Goodie Bag” is also extremely catchy…I don’t know, I can’t choose, they’re all great.  I’m a sucker for a good bass line, and all his songs (which he makes on Garage Band !!!!) have interesting bass lines.  After some extensive internet stalking, I found out this guy is based out of Oakland…um me too dude, let’s hang out.

Finally, Troye Sivan has a new single, “My my my.”  The video is already trending on Youtube, so you’ve probably heard it, but it’s really good and I hope other artists try to emulate his pop style, because it’s pop music I can get behind.

I’ll try to not take a three month break and actually post once a week…ya know, New Years resolutions and shit.






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